Stepping into social media, one toe at a time.

I realized today that I am cracking down and getting serious about my writing. I was up until one thirty this morning pinning images and writing a summary of a novel that is probably the first in a series. I haven’t fleshed out the rest of it yet, but as soon as I finish this post, you know what I’ll be doing. 

Sometime between now and the time I went to bed, I decided to try to revive my social media presence. You know what they say: “writers, start building a platform now! It doesn’t matter that you have nothing written!” I had previously decided not to worry social media until I was at least halfway through a novel, but I guess I’ve changed my mind. I joined Google + (though I have no posts yet.) I reorganized my Pinterest. I started to schedule tweets for my Twitter. Perhaps, when the time comes, I may find it necessary to extend my reach to Facebook, if I end up writing YA, and Goodreads. For now, though, I’m happy with my neat little corner of the web. 

Next comes my big problem: I have never been good at reaching out to people and creating relationships. It’s a reason I have relatively few people I call friends. Networking is seriously hard for me, even over the internet, where anonymity and casual chit-chat is the name of the game. I have met a few writers in my age group on the Go Teen Writer’s group, but I have terrible anxieties about connecting with many of them. And don’t get me started on the adult writing groups! Oy.

I guess what I need to do is just say something; anything! Or, well, anything that would be related to writing. 

Do/did you have anxieties about connecting with people? How did you overcome them? If not, do you have any advice you can spare?