Preparing my New Year’s Resolutions

The time for new year’s resolutions is creeping up on us faster than I can keep track of (Christmas seriously can’t be over already!), and boy do I have a few I really need to tackle! 

Write every day.

It doesn’t even have to be working on my novel, though that is of course preferred. It can just be journaling random thoughts, or even fleshing out a plot bunny (though, of course, I shan’t work on those too long!) or writing a short story.

Finish a novel draft.

I’m not asking for anything crazy like one a month, just one this year. Totally doable, but only if I can stick to one idea. That seems to be my weakness. I’ll get really into writing for a short time, have all these ideas, and ultimately write nothing because of all the ideas floating around in my head. On days when inspiration is plentiful, I can easily top 2,000 words in a few hours. 

Stick to the day’s plan.

Yes, I have a planner. No, I do not follow it. This is going to be a problem when I start college in January, since there will (hopefully and probably) be multiple pulls on my time – writing, schoolwork, extracurriculars, time with friends, and just plain time to myself. I always begin the semester using a planner, but by midterms it’s been thrown under piles of papers on my desk. My resolution is to budget my time and stick to it!

Keep up with the blog!

Mostly I don’t blog often because I can’t think of anything to blog about. Maybe that’s because I’m trying to blog every day. I think a goal of two-three posts a week is much more reasonable. 

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Tell me in the comments!