TiddlyWiki – a Wonderful Planning Tool for Writers

I’ve heard a lot about the Story Bible – the place where writers keep all their notes on their story – but I’ve never made one myself, finding the idea of keeping paper in a physical Bible too overwhelming. Enter TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki is an website where you can design a simple wiki, save it to a file on your desktop, and open it anywhere (yes, it does have an iOS app, though the paid version costs about four dollars.) I’ve been playing around with it a little while, and I think it’s going to prove extremely valuable in the long run.

On TiddlyWiki, you can link between entries (called Tiddlers) and format them using a unique and simple Wiki language. Here’s an example of a Tiddler I made for my new project:

ImageImageThe top image is the finished product, the bottom is the code for it. Neat, huh? You simply save the Wiki as an .html file and you can open it whenever you need to! It can even sync across to your iPhone or iPad (with the app, of course) through Dropbox!

I hope some of you find this tool to be just what you’re looking for! There’s a bit of a learning curve for the code, but trust me, it’s not that difficult. In an hour of fiddling around I’ve memorized most of the keystrokes I need!


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